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karnythia in verb_noire

Interviews, a peek behind the scenes and an apology

I just realized that we never mentioned being interviewed by K. Tempest Bradford for the Transformative Works and Culture Vol 3. We've been working away on three new books for publication (along with me writing three books because I am clearly a fan of overdoing it) and it seems like we've been so buried in the work that we're not doing a bunch of communicating with our supporters. Sorry about that failing. Sometimes life in the VN world is a lot of swimming upstream through caramel. So this week emails will be answered, the naming contest for the anthology will kick off, and I'll try to be available to clarify a few things that I see were asked on our latest call for submissions. As always we couldn't do this without your support and we are so grateful for your patience and your patronage.


Hmm, I didn't want to mention it in case it was just a launch problem, but none of the links at the top of the site will let me click on them. It's really hard to find River's Daughter -- I was only able to track it down because I knew what I was looking for.
Yeah we're going to get cracking on our web issues this week too.
Okay, awesome. Can't wait to see the new projects.
Can you point out specific links that are null or broken via email to me?

tdepass at gmail dot com

*facepalm* Wow, now I'm a dumbass twice over -- didn't realize you weren't thewayoftheid, durrrrrrrrr. I think I need to take a nap. Anyway thanks so much.
The interview is excellent! Thanks for passing on the link.