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karnythia in verb_noire

Jukeboxes, bards, and a poem

Our first anthology will be available next Thursday. The Jukebox Bard is a collection of tales such as one might hear if you stopped in a smoky pub one night on a twisting road to nowhere and everywhere and dropped a coin in the machine next to the bar. Instead of a song the machine opens to reveal a storyteller with a gleam in their eye and a tale on their lips. It might be a passage detailing events yet to come, a glimpse into another world, or maybe a verse telling a truth as old as the sea. Sit down and enjoy the evening's entertainment before you continue your travels.


*glee* So when does it need to go up on the site, etc etc?
Aiming to have it up Wednesday night.
Can you shoot me an email with the pertinent info this weekend? I've got class mon & wed nights so I'll have it ready to go for you by wed morning :)
I don't know if you all are set with different e-book formats this time, but if you'd like me to do the conversions again, I'd be glad to.
Woot! We were going to email you and offer a free copy of the book.
That would be lovely. I look forward to it!
That sounds awesome.