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karnythia in verb_noire

Jukebox Bard, Verb Noire, and the Future

Due to an unfortunate oversight regarding the contracts for the writers who contributed to Jukebox Bard, I regret to announce that I have been forced to pull the anthology from the virtual shelves until those issues can be resolved. Jamie Nesbitt has taken responsibility for this error and will be leaving the company as a result. I want to offer the most sincere apologies to the writers and readers affected by this oversight and assure you that proper procedures have been put in place to see that this doesn't happen again.

I am certain there are some questions about what this means for the future of Verb Noire so I'm going to do my best to answer them in advance. In the short term, obviously there are some things behind the scenes that need to be resolved. But I want to assure everyone that Verb Noire will continue to put out quality work by excellent authors. To that end, I wanted to let you know that we are currently working with Kelly Jennings to bring her manuscript Martin's War to the masses early next year. I know that'll you'll enjoy it.

The fairytale anthology has only generated a few submissions, and that may mean that the resurrection of Jukebox Bard will be a remix including some of those stories, though I don't know yet the entirety of what can be salvaged. As a new entity, I hope you understand that there will be some growing pains. I am truly grateful to those of you who have stood by Verb Noire since the beginning and supported this endeavor. Thank you for your continued loyalty and understanding.


I know y'all can pull it of. :)
Man, no one told me there would be math on this thing.

I support you fully.
*marches in lock step with the ravening horde*
this. :D

We've got your back and are looking forward to reading!
Sixthed. :)
What they said!
Speaking as an occasional anthology editor, I can say that it's completely normal to get a trickle of submissions right up until, oh, the last week, when there's suddenly a flood. So I wouldn't worry too much about the fairy tale anthology yet.

TBH I'm impressed there haven't been way more problems. This is a big thing you're trying to pull off! Good luck, and I'm with you.
i'm so sorry to hear that; i was looking forward to purchasing the book with the birthday "gift" my dad will send me when he gets back from china

hang in there, and if you need a lowly copy editor/slush reader i'm slow but good at those things and happy to help when i can
I thought the fairytale anthology was due out in Dec? Or are you accepting early?

We're accepting submission until December.
I really hope the fairytale anthology can go ahead in a self-contained form. It sounds awesome.
Sorry to hear about the problems, but it's great to hear that you have multiple projects in the pipeline. Good luck with them all! =:o}

It's bound to happen sometimes. I'm just glad that you're still in business :) Looking forward to Martin's War!
I'm not surprised by the lukewarm response to the fairytale book. As a sub-genre it's one that has been tapped again and again, so there could well be author-fatigue. Plus, the pay might have been an issue.