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Call for Volunteers!

Thanks to all who have offered their services! Now it's time to put you to work. We're asking those of you interested in reading manuscripts to shoot us an email at verb.noire@gmail.com outlining your skills, preferred genre (so that we don't have fantasy fans reading mysteries), and contact info (if you haven't already). To those who have contacted us, you will be hearing from us soon. Thanks!


You know that karnythia conscripted me but quick question.. Want me to mirror LJ comm posts as notes on the Facebook page? Or as part of the discussion board?

I wish I could help, but I'm editing for another small press--conflict of interest.
However, I'd love to announce the creation of the press on Bookspot Central. Is there any verbiage or official document I can quote from?
I have wanted to announce it on my blog as well but wasn't sure of the official launch date.
SENT. :)

For future applicants, it might be nice to specify the kind of contact information you're looking for? Like, full name, phone, address, or just email?
Emailed! :)
I can't offer THAT much time, but I'll help. I'm a fantasy girl all the way, and I'd be happy to offer critiques or proofreading. (My day job is proofreading, so I know what I'm doing. ;) )
D'oh, and now I'll e-mail you that. :P

I think the conception of verb.noire is brilliant and long over-due.

I've just sent over an email to volunteer.
Sent. Tell me if you need any more info!
I'm curious to hear more about how you are defining POC characters and also what genres you're looking to publish (ie, specifically scifi/fantasy, novels, short stories, poetry, what age groups, etc?). I'm interested in volunteering, but I guess I'd like a little more information. Thanks!
Ok, never mind. I just read the previous posts. Questions answered!
Are you still looking for people at all?
I sent my email to you folks! I am so happy you are doing this!
Me too. I can't wait to start hearing more from everyone here.
I sent an e-mail shortly after this was posted, volunteering to read. I never heard anything. Should I assume that you don't need me? (No offense taken if so.)
No, we're just mapping everything out so that the readers have a uniform scoring mechanism and everyone's work falls under more than one set of eyeballs.