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karnythia in verb_noire

We met our goal

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and we'll try to do right by that gift. We're also going to announce the anthology title and set a release date sometime this week (it's a wee bit hectic so bear with us being slightly scattered) so that people can pre-order if they like and get a copy before everyone else. We're still haggling over the title and the layout, but it's coming together nicely and with luck we'll be finished before everyone goes back to school.

There's going to be some changes coming to the main site including some free poetry scattered about and a serial novel called Frenzy (going live August 17th) that I've been working on in between everything else as well as a new look. You will not need a subscription to read Frenzy. It will be available to anyone that wants to check it out. I'm putting up a tip jar, but you don't have to donate to enjoy the story. At least I hope you'll enjoy it and the poetry (not mine it's polymexina's and I've been loving it) as well as the great stories in the anthology.

On the WorldCon front there is a flyer put together by kate_nepveu listing all the Diversity programming. If you're going to be there you'll have at least a clue on where to find us. We're arriving on Thursday and I'll post when I have all of our locations, schedules, and other such info squared away. It's our last con of the year so we hope to see you there. Thank you again for all the support and good wishes and cash and whatever else I haven't mentioned.


pgdudda actually went to the trouble of putting together the flyer--look for copies at the freebie tables!

You can also scan the list with descriptions here: http://community.livejournal.com/anticipation_09/79232.html

Looking forward to seeing you both there.
Hey lady, can you pop onto AIM?
Gchat me.
"We met our goal"

Hoorayyyyy!!! =:o>

(Sorry I haven't actually bought or donated anything yet. =:o{ Finances are sucky at present. Working on that...)
Is there a way to contribute even though this particular call is over? I couldn't contribute at the time, but I've come into some money, and would love to be able to pass a little along for whatever the next need is.
We are always happy for support. You can use the verb.noire AT gmail DOT com address to Paypal us if you are so motivated. Thank you!
Yay! I shall go over and send some cash now.