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Jun. 30th, 2009

Fenris IH8U


News from Verb Noire!

Newsbit #1

The public has asked, and now you too can have Verb Noire in your home by way of Cafe' Press. Check out the Verb Noire shop, buy a t-shirt or hoodie to support your local wordsmiths. T-shirt styles & check out can be found here

Newsbit #2

For those folks who wanted a version of River's Daughter in formats other than PDF, we've got e-books for you! There are now versions of River's Daughter available in:

Irf Sony Mobile book reader

Links will get you to the download page for software. When you place an order, please let us know which version you would like to purchase. We're still working out some techie type bugs in regards to giving customers a direct link to download their purchases.

Newsbit #3

Don't forget, Verb Noire will be at WorldCon in August! Anyone who's planning on going should get their airfare asap since prices are going up daily. Once the session schedule has been published, we'll update the site, LJ community and FaceBook page.

Thanks for supporting Verb Noire!

Jun. 16th, 2009

bag of holding


River's Daughter is available for sale!

Want to help Verb Noire and a new author? Come and get the first book put out by Verb Noire, River's Daughter by Tasha Campbell.

We can accept Google Checkout (credit or debit card) or PayPal. Once your order is received, you will get the E-Book via email from verb.noire@gmail.com

This is a temporary way to get the book into your hands, while we figure out some technical stuff so the masses can eventually purchase and download in one transaction.

Thanks for your support, please go here for e-book goodness. The cost is $4.99 USD. Please allow 24 hours for your e-book to be delivered.

ETA: Thanks to feedback from folks, the following information has been updated:
1.)Cost is now listed on the River's Daughter page
2.) File Format is listed on River's Daughter page
3.) Link to download Adobe Reader has been added

Verb Noire

May. 19th, 2009

Fenris IH8U


Verb Noire Wiscon Promotion Ad!

VN Session Ad

Come meet karnythia & thewayoftheid @ Wiscon! Save the flyer and send it out to folks who are going to Wiscon... even if you're not going, send this flyer hither and yon!

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